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Treating Cancer with Radiation State-of-the-Art Technology What Our Patients Are Saying
  Radiation Oncology involves the use of radiation to treat many forms of cancer. It can be delived both internally and externally. The goal of all radiation therapy is to give the tumor a lethal dose of radiation while limiting the exposure to the surrounding healthy tissues.

When treating with radiation, sophisticated dose calculations are made in order to contour the shape and intensity of the beam precisely to the targeted area. Treatments are typicaly scheduled Monday through Friday, and most patients are able to continue with their normal activities. Radiation is a painless treatment and does not result in hair loss. (more info)
  Our Board-Certified Radiation Oncologists and highly trained staff can offer a variety of radiation treatments using advanced 3-D imaging technology.
  Every patient receives a unique treatment plan that maximizes the dose to the tumor while reducing exposure to the normal healthy tissues.We use a variety of technologies to develop the most effective treatment plan. (more info)  
  We treat every patient as family. Our compasionate team of care-givers work with you and your family in support of the best outcome possible.  By providing quality education, support and advanced treatment options, we ensure better care. (more info)  
  "My cancer diagnosis was difficult for me and for my family but the oncologists and caring staff at Mission Hills RTC took care of me. (see patient testimony)  
Valley Radiotherapy Associates Medical Group
Doctors Lauren VanderSpek and Lisa Chaiken are part of Valley Radiotherapy Associates Medical Group (VRA), a dynamic network of physicians based in Southern California that collaborate and share clinical information in order to provide the most effective patient care. Accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), VRA supports a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment leveraging outcomes-based research, best practices and technology innovation. VRA consists of 18 centers in Southern California.

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